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10 Reasons Why Your Gardner Home Will Not Sell (For Top Dollar)!

10 Reasons Why Your Gardner Home Will Not Sell (For Top Dollar)!

So you're thinking of listing your Gardner home for sale or it is listed and not getting any offers. Many times it is a simple reason. The top 12 reasons why your Gardner home will not sell are: 

1) Bad Curb Appeal - Take the time to prune the shrubs, edge the lawn and cut the grass. Especially before the pictures are taken. Did you know that most home buyers will not take a peek inside the home if the curb appeal is not pleasing. I have shown many home buyers who have scratched a home off of this list once we pulled into the driveway just because of the lack of curb appeal.

2) It Smells - You might have lived with the smell for a few years but the potential home buyer is new and not used to the smell. Many home buyers will not even take a peak of the inside if they smell a bad whiff when the REALTOR opens the door. Dog smells, litter boxes, cigarette smoke will turn off most home buyers. I was showing a home buyer yesterday and they declined to even enter the home.

3) Noise - The dog might not bark when you're in the home but believe me, most dogs bark when a stranger walks into their domain. If it barks constantly, the home buyer will rush through the home and not realize what a possible gem you have for sale.

4) Deferred Maintenance - If you're selling a home with rotted wood, peeling paint, old carpet or any other deferred maintenance items, why do you think the buyer wants to buy a home at "Top Dollar" then spend money on repairs? They don't. They will buy at a discount though.

5) Not Staged -Your home looks small because of the clutter. Spend some time decluttering. If you went to the car lot and saw two identical cars with the same features priced the same, which one would you choose if they ran the same? The cleaned up shiny one or the dirty one?

6) Dirty Magazines - For some odd reason my buyers are getting good at spotting the bachelor pads. Maybe it is the dirty magazines in the bathroom and living room. The dirty magazines are a real turnoff for home buyers.

7) Dirty Dishes - So you were in a hurry to get out of the house so it could be shown but you forgot about the dirty dishes. Don't worry about that. Most buyers think it is appealing to have dirty dishes in the kitchen. It makes the kitchen look used. Now if you believe that, I have a "Golden Bridge" I would like to sell you. Most home buyers think it is disgusting to see dirty dishes in the kitchen.

8) Alcohol - I have actually shown homes that have had empty beer cans on the floor, end tables and dining room tables. I've even shown homes with bottles of wine or whiskey on the kitchen table. This is a turnoff for most home buyers.

9) Team Loyalties - It is ok to show your team loyalty when you're not selling your home, but it is a turnoff while selling. KSU Wildcat and KU Jayhawk fans don't want to go into a home filled with MU Tiger gear. In addition, a KC Chiefs fan does not want to go into a Dallas Cowboy or Pittsburgh Steeler home.

10) Personalized - Personalizing your home is fun. Chances are though that if you choose decor that is not neutral, it will turnoff nearly 50% of the buyers who come in to view it.

11) Real Estate Agent- Choosing the wrong real estate agent can really cause a major problem when selling your home. The wrong agent may give a faulty market analysis, not return buyer prospect phone calls or negotiate poorly. I've had home buyer's walk from real estate transactions because of the real estate agent.

12) Price - It amazes me that statistically 75% of the real estate activity is within the first 3 weeks and real estate agents still recommend overpricing the home. Then wait too long to start adjusting the price. Price the home correctly and it will sell for top dollar. Price it 5% to high and you'll remove 10% of the home buyers who maybe interested in your home. Price it 10% and watch 20% of the home buyers ignore your home.

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