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Did you know that you need a permit when installing a fence in Gardner, Kansas?

Did you know that you need a permit when installing a fence in Gardner, Kansas?

A fence permit is required in Gardner, Kansas when a fence is being installed on public or private property. In addition a permit is required when 50% or more of an existing fence is being repaired or replace.

When obtaining a permit from the City of Gardner, the following information is needed:
1) Type of fence that is being installed (ex. chain link, wood, etc. . . )
2) The height of the fence.
3) A plot plan of the lot or a survey showing the property boundaries and any recorded easements on the property).
4) The proposed location of the fence drawn on the plot plan or survey.
5) The name and number of the company or person installing the fence or making the repairs.
6) Approximate valuation of the materials and labor or installing or repairing the fence.

Fences in Gardner can and can not be built in the following locations:
1) A fence an not be installed in the front yard.
2) On a corner lot, a fence must be placed a minimum of 15' from the property line.
3) The fence must start behind the electric meter on your house (unless the meter is on the back of the house).
4) A fence can not be installed on an easement.
5) A minimum of 5' of clearance must be maintained around electrical pedestals and transformers.
6) The maximum height can be 6'.

To obtain a permit to install or repair a fence in Gardner, KS., you need to bring the $30 fence permit fee to Community Development Department inside city hall or call (913) 856-0913.

In addition, before you dig in Gardner, KS. call 1-800-DIG-SAFE. It is a free service that will come out and mark your utility lines.

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